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our truck "Coraline"

We just love shaved ice!

Three years ago I pitched the idea of a shaved Ice business to my family and friends.  i didn't know what it would entail, but it just looked and sounded fun. i did some research and started to develop a game plan to see if i could make this thing work.

fast forward to spring 2019 and after many hours of planning and ideas, i knew what i wanted to do to make this shaved ice business come to life. it started with selling my motorcycle that was acting as a dust collector in my garage.  i took the proceeds from that sale and bought a 1991 e350 ford econoline rv two days later.  i remember driving it home and smiling ear to ear.  the truck was stripped down to the studs and was a blank canvas.

now if you know me, you know i'm not much of handyman.  the truck sat in my driveway for far too long because i couldn't decide on a design i wanted for the truck and had no idea how to build anything.

move forward again to spring 2020.  the world gets hit with a major pandemic and we are all forced to stay home. this was my sign to act and the truck became my "pandemic project".  after many, many hours of hard work and countless hours of watching Youtube videos on how to build cabinets, install windows, lay floor, etc. the truck was finally ready to hit the road.  i can't even begin to express how thankful i am for all of those that helped along the way.  you all helped make this dream become a reality and i'm forever grateful.

we currently offer 36 premium flavors. our syrups are free of high fructose corn syrup and they taste amazing! we also currently offer 6 sugar free syrups that have zero calories! top our powdery fresh snow off with some of our 14 toppings to cool you off during the hot summer days.

we offer tropical vibes all over the central pennsylvania area in our truck, coraline! come enjoy a delicious shaved ice with your friends and family. we can cater pretty much any event and we will bring our tropical culture to you!

see you in paradise!

jamey rimmey

owner/chief fun officer

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